exclusive insurance boost for progression routes into aesthetic training

Cosmetic Couture and its training partner L3 Martix have received formal confirmation of the new insurance available to their students and affiliated training academies.

It means students can go straight from basic to advanced practical training without having to prove six months additional experience between the courses – and it also allows students to enter aesthetics without a Level 3 beauty qualification as long as they undertake the L3 Matrix training.


That’s because leading insurance company Finch have agreed that Cosmetic Couture’s L3 Matrix course is an acceptable entry level due to its detailed theoretical learning and the underlying quality of the course and training.

A letter from Finch today (Friday May 28, 2021) states:

“Finch Insurance are pleased to confirm that they have an agreement in place that all L3 Matrix aesthetic progression courses have been pre-agreed for students to be able to obtain insurance for beauty treatments, including basic and advanced dermal fillers and basic and advanced anti-wrinkle injections.

“Generally, insurers would require a student to have an NVQ Level 3 in Beauty Therapy (or equivalent) with six months experience in treatments that penetrate the skin, or without an NVQ Level 3 in Beauty Therapy 12 months experience in treatments that penetrate the skin to be able to obtain insurance coverage


“The L3 Matrix aesthetic progression course has been reviewed and found to be an acceptable alternative entry level and fully insurable with no pre-requisites.”

The agreement between Cosmetic Couture, L3 Matrix and Finch Insurance Brokers has taken months to approve and is a unique arrangement allowing students to progress efficiently in their aesthetic training.

Earlier this week a spokeswoman for Finch Insurance said: “We receive multiple enquiries from training academies offering progression, fast track or foundation courses. A large majority of these courses have very limited theoretical learning before moving into basic injectable treatments and are not an acceptable entry level into aesthetic practice.

“The basic entry level for a non-medic student to be accepted for insurance is an NVQ Level 3 in Beauty Therapy with six months experience of advanced beauty treatments and those that penetrate the skin, for example micro-needling and SPMU.

“The L3 Matrix aesthetics progression course (SFJ Award IQ Level 3 Organisation Certificate in the Principles of Cosmetic Practice for Aesthetic Practitioners) has been thoroughly reviewed and found to be an acceptable alternative entry level, with no pre-requisites to obtain insurance uniquely with Finch and our insurer partner.

“Once this L3 Matrix course has been completed, and after completion of a foundation course, the student can progress onto advanced anti-wrinkle or filler training, with no need for a further six months’ experience. This agreement is unique to Finch, L3 Matrix Progression Course and our insurer partner.”

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